Reviewer Guide

In addition to thanking you for your cooperation, dear researcher, it is requested that when you enter your referee profile for the first time, please fill in your personal information, especially organizational affiliation, orchid ID, and referee fields carefully.

If the article submitted for refereeing is not in your expertise or you do not have the opportunity to do refereeing, be sure to inform and if possible introduce a few substitute referees.

When judging the articles, answer the questions on the judging form and if you leave a comment on the text of the article, make sure that your name is not visible in the comments. To do this, change your name in the settings of your Word software so that it does not appear in the comments. The path to change the name in word:
Options\General\Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office\User name


Referee registration guide in Publons

Honorable referees are requested to register refereeing for "Iranian Wood and Paper Industries" magazine in their Publons profile.

Guide to registration and working with Publons

There are four simple ways to populate your review record on Publons:

- Add reviews performed for partnered journals. Reviews performed for partnered journals can be instantly added to your profile as you do them.

- Send review receipts to:   

- Enable auto-updates

- Add reviews through the forms on the site.


Guide to refereeing articles in systems derived from Sinaweb: