How many times in a year Journal have been published?

Annual. Four times a year

Can I send my article to other journals too?


Why was not the username and password sent to my email after registering in the system?

If the author's email was registered correctly during registration and you have checked yourself and are sure that you have not received an email in the Spam section, report it to the journal's email.

Email: info@isswpi.ir

What should I do if I forget my password?

Select the option "login to the system" in the menu at the top of the page and then the option "I forgot the password to log in to the system!" Choose. If there is a problem logging into the system, contact the magazine's email to receive a new password.

Email: info@isswpi.ir

Is it possible to send an article via email?


What are the formats of files that I can send to the journal?

The files must be sent in Word format (doc, docx) and avoid sending zipped files.

Can I send short articles or scientific notes?

no It is not possible at the moment

Should I pay money for the articles published in this journal?

Yes, the amount of two million five hundred thousand Rials (two hundred and fifty thousand Tomans) is received from the authors for the cost of refereeing and editing articles by the publication.

What is the format of manuscripts in Journal?

The format of writing an article on the system is available in the authors' guide section.

How can the status of submitted articles be tracked?

.Authors can specify the status of the submitted article at any stage by entering their cartable

How long does the review process in the journal take?

Accepting or rejecting submitted drafts takes up to three months.

What to do if you have a question or problem?

:If you have any questions, please contact the magazine by email