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The scientific quarterly "Iranian wood and paper industries" provides free and open access to all the articles since the beginning of 2015, with the aim of increasing the scientific ability of researchers, professors, and students to modern issues of science and wood and paper industries by the Association of Wood and Paper Sciences and Industries. Iran is published. This magazine now publishes four issues a year.

Title of the magazine: Wood and paper industries of Iran

Licensee: Iran Wood and Paper Science and Industry Association

Language of the publication: Farsi (abstract, keywords and authors' details are also included in English)

Publication order: Quarterly (end of term)

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Country - Place of publication: Iran, Karaj

Year of publication: 1395

Access status: Open access, access to the full text of all articles is free

Article publication fee: Two million five hundred thousand rials (two hundred and fifty thousand tomans) for the cost of refereeing, editing, and page layout of the articles will be received from the authors by the publication.

Format of published articles: PDF

The intellectual rights of the published articles belong to the authors, and they have given the magazine permission to publish the articles based on the CC BY license included in the Creative Commons Attribution License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/), which allows the authors to share , distribution, modification of articles, even commercially, as long as the name of this journal is mentioned as the original publisher.