Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, November 2015, Pages 193-331 
Using cellulose nanofiber as filler of urea formaldehyde resin in plywood manufacture

Pages 227-237

samira barzali; laya jamalirad; farshid faraji; sahab hajazi

The effect of different drying methods on cellulosic nanofibers and resulting composites

Pages 285-298

hamidreza pirayesh; mohammad azadfallah; kazem doosthoseini; paolo belsi; hosein yosefi

Influence of elevated temperature on flexural behavior of a bagasse fiber-polypropylene composite assessed by moment curvature analysis method

Pages 311-324

Foroogh Dastoorian; mohammad layeghi; ghanbar ebrahimi; mahdi tajvidi; seyed majid zabihzadeh